Cronaco’s journalists were the first Italian team in the news to conduct independent investigations and insights with the technical and financial support from NGOs as well as private and public institutions.

We chose partners who share our values and goals to support our reports and documentaries with their experts to better explain the arguments we investigate.

Any examples?

In 2012 we conducted the largest video survey on Italian prisons in partnership with the Antigone Association. Their experts helped us understand the problems of the more than 60 Italian prisons we entered. The result was “InsideCarceri“, a multimedia investigation with dozens of reports in Creative Commons whose contents were shared by all the major Italian newspapers, obtaining several million views online.

We did the same thing with “#DissestoItalia” by building the first civilian network in support of an investigation dedicated to hydrogeological instability and the environmental crisis. Various subjects of civil society were part of that network, including the environmentalists of Legambiente and the national association of builders ANCE.

We investigated the record growth of suicides among Italian teenagers with the documentary for Rai Television “How the Children are” thanks to the partnership with the Padua hospital and the Salus Pueri Foundation.

All the realities that have collaborated with us felt the need to bring to the attention of the public opinion phenomena that are increasingly relevant, but that hardly are told within the traditional landscape of everyday information.

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